There are some part time and casual vacancies at the moment. Please contact robyn at armadillosandwich dot com about these positions.


Part time position to add, upgrade and maintain services on the Photographic Dictionary sites.

Requires knowledge of the following:

  • NGINX webserver, for both PHP and Ruby on Rails
  • Varnish
  • MySQL
  • General linux administration

Research Assistant

Part time position to populate content in the Photographic Dictionary.

Duties include:

  • Basic research to populate categories and words with unique content
  • Correcting any errors encountered in existing content
  • Finding suitable creative-commons photographs
  • Categorising content for internal searching and sorting
  • High levels of literacy required, native English speaker preferred.


Seeking people of any size, shape or colour to be models or actors for the Photographic and Videographic dictionaries.

Videos are all around 10-15 seconds long and are generally done in one take outside with a phone rather than inside in a fancy studio. Most filming is happening in Sydney around Newtown, Sydney CBD or UNSW’s Kensington campus.

If you are interested, I am taking people as individuals or groups on an ongoing ad-hoc basis.

You can also film by yourself and send raw videos to me so I can add them to the site YouTube channel. Please get in touch first if you are interested in doing this as there tends to be a list of words that are required rather than accepting unsolicited content.

Paying $1 per video.